Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just did the avocado treatment and...

So I finally tried the avocado hair treatment today. I've been wanting to do it for a while now & I finally got the ingredients together. Here's what I used: One ripe avocado, some honey, olive oil and coconut milk. I didn't use any specific measurements, I just put as much of each ingredient as I thought should be in there. I blended it all together in the blender and the consistency was nice and creamy. Though if I do this treatment again I'll use more honey & maybe a little less coconut milk to make it thicker.
After cowashing with VO5, I applied the avocado mix to my towel dried hair as a DC with just my hands. I then covered my hair with a plastic cap and a towel, leaving it in for 30 minutes. When I went to rinse using cool water, my hair was tangled & not so soft. Maybe if I had combed the mixture through my hair after applying it would've been better but I didn't do that cuz I thought it would've been too messy.
Next, I towel dried and applied some Cantu Shea Butter leave in repair cream and it softened & detangled my hair right away. So I combed it through and put a little serum just on the ends, then put it in a low bun. That's all, very simple.
Overall, I think it was a good treatment that I will try again. Just next time, I plan to measure the ingredients differently next time. About the smell... At first I thought it was weird. Not really strong but a little unpleasant. After I rinsed it out and used the Cantu leave in cream, I really liked it. The two scents go well together.
This is also the first time I used the Cantu leave in cream & I'm really liking it right now but I'll wait 'til I've used it a few more times to do a review.

Friday, June 19, 2009

General hair update

So I finally ordered some hair products that I've been lusting after for some time & I'm excited about their arrival. Can't wait 'til they get here!
Anyway, the products I ordered are Elasta QP DPR-11 deep penetrating remoisturizer, Elasta QP mango butter, Cantu shea butter leave in conditioning repair cream, Avanti silicon mix hair treatment & Lekair cholesterol plus hair strengthening conditioner.
I've wanted the mango butter for forever, ever since I first got on KISS & Traycee was raving about it. The DPR-11 is a conditioner that I've wanted for a while as well. Another product a lot of the KISS ladies like a lot. Lekair cholesterol is a product that I've used before, purchased from Wal Mart. Cantu shea butter leave in and Silicon mix are also products raved about on KISS and I've finally got around to ordering.
Another thing I want to mention is the hair color I wanted to get. I was going to have my hair dyed a really light brown, almost blond caramel color. I called a few salons in my area just to price how much it would be & every estimate was over $100 and I'm just not willing to pay that much. Though maybe it's a good thing because of course bleaching & coloring the hair is a very damaging thing to do. My hair is very healthy though.
I also wanted to let it be known that I have started applying castor oil to my scalp 2x a week to speed up my growth process. I just started doing this so I haven't seen any results yet but I have faith that it will work. What I do is I part my hair in sections and apply the castor oil to my scalp with an applicator bottle. Then I massage it into my scalp for atleast 5 minutes then put it up. That's all there is to it!
As my progress comes with the castor oil, I'll post more updates & when I start using the products I ordered I'll do some reviews. TTYL ;-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Avocado hair mask

I was online this morning when I woke up and I wandered over to YouTube. I was watching some hair videos and I decided to search for an avocado hair treatment. I don't remember what I was thinking that lead to this search but I found a lot of Avocado deep conditioner and treatment videos. I'm definitely going to try one sometime soon! The ingredients are very moisturizing: One avocado, olive or jojoba oil, and water. That's all! But instead of water, I'm gonna use coconut milk. I've never used coconut milk before for anything but someone posted the suggestion under one of the vids and it sounded good to me so I'm running with it. Looks very moisturizing... Also, avocados do have protein in them so it's a strengthening treatment as well as moisturizing. I'm not sure when I'll do it but when I do, I'll let y'all know how it turned out :-)avocado

Monday, June 8, 2009

Perm day :-)

I got a relaxer retouch after a 4 month stretch and i feel so fresh! My stylist used an Affirm relaxer for color treated hair and it turned out very well. She rinsed it out just a little early because my scalp was getting really irritated but my hair turned out straight and it's not under processed so I'm happy with the results... And she used a product in my hair that I really like now. Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter. I need to use a product on my hair more than just once or twice to decide if I wanna go out and buy it but at least my initial reaction to it was good.... So those are my thoughts on my retouch and here are a couple pics for you...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Time for a change of color

I've wanted to get my hair dyed a lighter color for a while now. At first I was thinking blond but I decided naaah, that won't work on me. Maybe it would look good but I really just don't wanna risk the damage... But I do want a color change and since summer is right around the corner, it's the perfect time to do it! This picture of Leona Lewis is just how I want my hair color to look. Celebrities drastically change their hair color all the time without problems so why not me, right? I do take very good care of my hair so it's very healthy so I don't think it will be a problem. Of course I am getting a relaxer touchup so I'll need to wait until two weeks after that to do it. I can't wait! I know I'm gonna love it. I just need to find someone who is experienced with hair color and really knows what they're doing. The stylist who's gonna do my touch up is really good but I don't know how she is with color... Actually, I went to her a few weeks back to tell her that I want it lightened and she advised me against it. She said, being that I have a relaxer and a previous color treatment (though it was months ago), I shouldn't get it done. At first I said I wasn't gonna do it but I've got my mind made up! I'm definitely not doing it myself. That would just be crazy... So I need to find somewhere to go. I'll be looking... I just hope I don't have to dish out too much money!

Relaxer Prep

So I have an appointment with my hairdresser on Monday to get a relaxer retouch & I am so excited! It's been a 4 month stretch so I can't wait to get this mess under control... I wanna see how long my hair is after the new growth is straightened out but I might get like an inch or two cut off to even out the length. Right now I'm almost APL (armpit length).
So today I just got my hair prepared for the relaxer. It would've been my regular shampoo day but I decided to just do a cowash since my perm is only 2 days away. First of all, I prepooed overnight with honey, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, Lekair Cholesterol and a conditioner I just bought for the first time called Alba Mango Moisturizing conditioner. I put on a plastic cap and a bandana to cover it and slept on it. This morning in the shower I rinsed that out & applied Pantene Beautiful Lengths conditioner then massaged it thru. I put on a plastic cap and at the end of my shower, rinsed it all out. Then when I got out of the shower and towel dried my hair I did a DC with Organic Root stimulator hair Mayonnaise. I left it in for 30 minutes with a plastic cap and a towel to trap the heat so it would penetrate better. After I rinsed it out and towel dried I applied a leave-in conditioner (right now I'm using Herbal Essences Break's Over). Then I used Silk Elements Megasilk moisturizing cream. Lastly, I used this oil I just bought called Alba Kukui Nut Body oil. I just combed all that through and put my hair in a bun at the nape of my neck and now it's airdrying.
About the ORS hair mayo: When I first bought it, I really didn't like it because I felt like it didn't leave my hair feeling very soft. I'm glad I gave it another chance because after this use, my hair does feel stronger. I probably will buy it again.
So that's my relaxer prep routine and tomorrow and Monday before my perm appointment I'm going to manipulate my hair as little as possible to avoid irritation from the chemicals.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Intro to my Temple of Beauty

Hello readers!
I have been a really big beauty enthusiast for a long time. Actually, for as long as I can remember! Though particularly when it comes to hair. When I was like, 10 years old I would get my allowance and buy my own shampoo and conditioner. On one particular occasion I bought some Herbal Essences that I had been lusting after... LOL.
The funny thing is that I never actually liked my own hair at all until very recently. I would always have someone else who would be my hair idol for a time. My childhood best friend had hair that flowed down past her booty and I don't think I ever got very far past shoulder length.
Very recently i started taking care of my hair & loving it for what it is and can be. I can now say that I actually LOVE my hair and I'm happy about that. I've learned a lot about hair since I discovered the internet hair care forums. And oh yeah, how could I forget my magazine obsession! LOL... I don't consider it an obsession anymore, it's more so just my main source of entertainment; I also have a lot of information stored away in my brain from reading magazines. It's like a huge unorganized library up in there! I'm sure that as I add to this blog, I'll gradually organize and add to my mental library. So look for a lot of new posts to be coming very soon! My hair and beauty thoughts as well as product reviews....Stay tuned :-)