Friday, June 5, 2009

Intro to my Temple of Beauty

Hello readers!
I have been a really big beauty enthusiast for a long time. Actually, for as long as I can remember! Though particularly when it comes to hair. When I was like, 10 years old I would get my allowance and buy my own shampoo and conditioner. On one particular occasion I bought some Herbal Essences that I had been lusting after... LOL.
The funny thing is that I never actually liked my own hair at all until very recently. I would always have someone else who would be my hair idol for a time. My childhood best friend had hair that flowed down past her booty and I don't think I ever got very far past shoulder length.
Very recently i started taking care of my hair & loving it for what it is and can be. I can now say that I actually LOVE my hair and I'm happy about that. I've learned a lot about hair since I discovered the internet hair care forums. And oh yeah, how could I forget my magazine obsession! LOL... I don't consider it an obsession anymore, it's more so just my main source of entertainment; I also have a lot of information stored away in my brain from reading magazines. It's like a huge unorganized library up in there! I'm sure that as I add to this blog, I'll gradually organize and add to my mental library. So look for a lot of new posts to be coming very soon! My hair and beauty thoughts as well as product reviews....Stay tuned :-)

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