Monday, September 21, 2009

My small hair epiphanies :-)

OK, so I was on Hairlista for hours the other day and I was also watching a lot of YouTube hair vids. I think I was subconsiously determined to figure something out that I didn't already know. So I happened to be browsing Hairlista's video section and I came across Sunshyne's video about how she moisturizes and seals. A simple enough procedure, right? Well, turns out I still didn't have that one down after being on my hair journey for about 2 1/2 years. I had actually watched her moisturizing and sealing video a long time ago (and favorited it! go figure...) but I didn't take to practice how she does it. This time I realized, hey... I usually don't section my hair at all when i moisturize. I just glop the product on and seal with too much oil on top of that... Then my hair is always a little too oily and I'm wondering why! Turns out, I had just washed my hair that morning and it had just finished air drying. Time to mousturize! So I went to moisturize, right? But this time, I didn't wanna use either of my two favorite moisturizers ( you'll see which ones they are if you go read my previous blog on them ;-) ... So I decided that I wanted to give Silk Elements moisturizing leave in creme aone more chance. This one had been sitting around on my desk, unused for a while. Following Sunshyne's method, I parted my hair in sections and began to apply a very small amount of moisturizer to each section, starting at the ends and working my way up. After applying the moisturizer, I seal with just a little oil, not too much. This time I used Africa's Best Herbal oil. Another product I had set aside for a while. When I was done with those steps and my hair was all moisturized and sealed up nicely, I was feeling a lot better about my hair. It felt so soft and perfectly moisturized... Then I came across yet another video of Sunshyne's that I had previously watched and ignored: How she ties her hair up at night. Another thing that just sounds so simple, right? I had been putting my hair up every night for the longest in a tight bun with bobby pins (ouch!, I know...). I didn't want to do that anymore so I decided to try her method and tada! It worked so well. The next morning, I woke up with light, moisturized and virtually creaseless hair... Sooo, I really wanted to share this because I feel a lot better about moisturizing and sealing as well as the way my hair looks in the morning because I tried Sunshyne's way of tying it up at night. I've posted both videos below, if y'all need help in this too :-)

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