Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Salon experience leads me to learn even more about my hair & my decision to self trim!

Recently I got my hair relaxed at the end of a 5 month stretch. I was going to wait until I was 6 months post relaxer but I just didn't wanna deal with my new growth anymore. It was getting really annoying! So my relaxer experience was actually one of my best ever. My stylist uses Affirm for color treated hair on me. There was no burning or tingling at all. YAY! And my hair came out super straight and perfectly processed... But here comes the trim! Oh Lord! ... OK, it wasn't That Bad, I'm just being a little dramatic ;-) But anyway, my hair grows in an uneven way and the sides are a lot longer than the middle. After the relaxer was over and she got it straight with the blow dryer, my hair was full APL and i was totally loving the length... but only for about 2 minutes :-( I wanted my hair to be even and I was contemplating letting her make it all one length. I told her this and she said one thing: "It will be healthy." So I let her cut it. So this did turn out to be a cut, not just a trim because she took off about an inch. Now I'm just disappointed, but it will grow back fast enough :-) So, On to what I've learned... One thing is to know exactly what I want when I go into the salon and not let the stylist sway my decision! Now, I also know that I'm going to just let the middle of my hair that grows slower, catch up with the sides. No more contemplation on that decision... And I'm going to trim my own hair from now on! I never thought I would do this because I was afraid that I would really jack it up but I've gotten advice about it and watched some videos on self-trimming, so I'm confident that I can do it. But I'm gonna wait about another 3 months to trim again... I also have learned more about caring for my ends. Dry, frizzy ends are repairable if they're not split and I wasn't so sure of that before because my ends seemed to always look a little crunchy. But I started moisturizing more often and using a heavier oil to seal with. I was just using olive oil to seal with before and it wasn't keeping my ends moisturized. So I mixed 2 parts castor oil with 1 part olive oil and it's the perfect sealant for me... Oh yeah, and about a day after I got my relaxer, my scalp started to get a really bad irritated itch and I had to do something about it because it was driving me crazy! So I started massaging coconut oil into my scalp. The itching went away and coconut oil, massaged into the scalp is also good for hair growth. So I'm on a roll here and I'm really loving my hair, y'all!
Stay tuned to hear more of my hair experiences. I know this can't be all there is to learn and I love to share hair knowledge! I'll keep you posted ;-)