Sunday, January 17, 2010

JBCO Review

JBCOSo I finally decided to order some Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Over the past 3 years I have been on my hair journey, I have heard so many good things about this product. I had never tried it before because I was using the regular cold pressed castor oil and I thought it was good enough. I didn't really believe that JBCO could really be too different. Mixing the regular castor oil in my DCs and prepoos left my hair so soft and strong. I even tried applying castor oil to my scalp a couple of times, but I found it to be too messy, so I stopped doing that.
Now what got me to order the JBCO? Well, I was on Hairlista one day a couple weeks ago and I saw a discussion about JBCO being "the truth". I looked at it and there was a before and after picture showing how this woman grew her edges back with it. The comparison pics were nothing short of amazing! In the before pic, her edges were almost all the way bald, back past her hair line about an inch. Now in the after pic, her hair was thick, fully grown back and looking very healthy. To tell you the truth, for a second, I almost didn't believe what I saw! I, myself don't have any problems with hair loss but I do want my hair to grow faster, especially because I want my hair to reach MBL ( Mid Back Length ) by the end of 2010.
When I got my JBCO in the mail, I was so excited to use it. After moisturizing and sealing on dry hair, I applied it to my scalp with a dropper (a lot easier this way) and massaged it in. Let me tell you, I instantly liked it, actually loved it! And this is a first. Going onto my scalp, it felt good: soothing. The texture of it is thick but smooth. A lot of people complain about the smell, but I instantly loved that about it too. It's sort of smoky, like charred wood but not too strong. The next day when I brushed my hair, the oil from my scalp was distributed through my hair too and it was so soft and smooth. This will be a keeper. Can we say staple?!
Though I love the JBCO, I still use the regular castor oil as well. I'll still be adding it to prepoos and DC's and mixing it with other oils for hot oil treatments. The JBCO is a lot more expensive than regular castor oil, so I'll mostly just be using it on my scalp 2X a week. I will try it in a DC at least once though.
As I see more results, I'll keep you all updated :-)


  1. @ Makeup Vixen: Oh, I'll post an update! thanks for pushing me to type that post :-)

  2. I just ordered some and I'm hoping to get results that you say this woman has. I need to find that picture for inspiration. I haven't had hair in edges in forever. It looks like it filled in a little bit but it is still REALLY short. Hopefully it will fill in more and grow. I think I might make a challenge to grow out edges on my blog