Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trading Hair Care for Skin Care

So I was thinking today that as much time I take to care for my hair, my skin should get some action too. I know I don't take care of my skin as much as I do my hair and my skin isn't as healthy as it couls be. I was watching this girl on YouTube and I thought, whoa, she's gorgeous. I mean, I know I'm a beautiful girl. Why don't I look like that too? And I know I could, with the right amount of effort. If all I'm doing is caring for my hair, I'm not caring for and showing off the total package. The only problem: As much money as I spend on hair products, I don't have very much money left over for skin care, so I just use whatever. Poor skin! It's being neglected and now I feel bad about that. So what I'm going to work on doing is this: Spend a lot less money on hair care and use the money I save to purchase products I need for my skin. Now, I won't actually be neglecting my hair or even be using lesser quality products. There are definitely lower cost hair care products out there than I'm using that will maintain the health of my hair just as well. I thought I'd blog about this because I didn't want this thought to be fleeting and something I forget about. I'm vowing to take better care of my skin!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Current challenge & 2010 Hair Goals

Let me start off by saying that I've always wanted long hair. I never really knew or really believed that I could actually obtain it until a few years ago when I found the hair forums that I now frequent. My hair has been a lot healthier since I learned how to care for it and it's longer than I remember it ever being. Now this year, my goal is to grow my hair to Mid Back Length. I believe I'll be able to make it by the end of December. And I'm not crossing my fingers or hoping for it to happen, I'm being proactive. Besides my regular hair routine, I'm going on a 6 month challenge that I started on 3/15/10. The challenge is simple enough. I'm going to be wearing buns each week Monday through Friday. On the weekends, I'll allow myself to wear my hair however I want. This challenge is one I joined on KISS, so I'll have a lot of support and encouragement when I need it. My ultimate hair goal is to reach Waist Length, so I'm ready to employ whatevr tactic and regimen I need to get there.

My Regimen

So I was thinking... I know I don't blog that often and It's been a while since my last post. I wasn't sure what to blog about this time, but then I realized I've never even posted my full regimen! It's been changed up a lot in the past month or so but as of now, I have a regimen that works really well for me so here it is:

Shampoo once a week on Saturdays
Cowash once a week on wednesdays
Overnight prepoo with conditioner & oil mix before shampoos
Overnight coconut oil treatment before cowashes
Moisturize and seal every night
Buns Monday through Friday
Oil massage scalp every other night
Supplements: MSM, Biotin, Fish Oil

Pretty simple, huh? Works great for me! I'm not stating any specific products here because I rotate a lot and my staples arent really established, though there are a few products that I repurchase regularly.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

JBCO Update

So It's been a while since I posted my Jamaican Black Castor Oil review. A fellow blogger left a comment, asking me if I have a new verdict on the product ( Hey, Makeup Vixen ;-) ) Well, to let you all know, I haven't used the oil in a while. It's been at least a month since I applied it to my scalp. I really like it but I found that it was weighing my hair down... But I think I was using too much. I was using a dropper to apply it and I think that method wasn't the best. If I decide to start using it on my scalp again, I will use an applicator bottle with a pointed tip. As far as other uses of the oil, I have used it in my moisturizing DC's and I love it that way. Mixed with Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol, it's perfect. When I mixed the JBCO with my DC, I applied it to dry hair and left it in overnight. In the morning, I just rinsed it out, applied my leave ins, and styled. It made my hair very soft and smooth and I will continue to use it this way... JBCO is still a staple for me and I will be ordering another couple of bottles soon :-)