Friday, March 19, 2010

Current challenge & 2010 Hair Goals

Let me start off by saying that I've always wanted long hair. I never really knew or really believed that I could actually obtain it until a few years ago when I found the hair forums that I now frequent. My hair has been a lot healthier since I learned how to care for it and it's longer than I remember it ever being. Now this year, my goal is to grow my hair to Mid Back Length. I believe I'll be able to make it by the end of December. And I'm not crossing my fingers or hoping for it to happen, I'm being proactive. Besides my regular hair routine, I'm going on a 6 month challenge that I started on 3/15/10. The challenge is simple enough. I'm going to be wearing buns each week Monday through Friday. On the weekends, I'll allow myself to wear my hair however I want. This challenge is one I joined on KISS, so I'll have a lot of support and encouragement when I need it. My ultimate hair goal is to reach Waist Length, so I'm ready to employ whatevr tactic and regimen I need to get there.

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