Monday, April 12, 2010

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship leave in VS Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch leave in

I've been a fan of Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship leave in for a long while now and I think I'll always repurchase it. I totally love that stuff. About a week ago, I finally purchased another leave in that I've heard a lot about but hadn't purchased before 'cause I couldn't find it anywhere in town. I finally found it at a local grocery store and decided I had to try it because I've heard of so many ladies who swear by it. It's Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch leave in. These two leave ins are loved by many and I've seen a lot of discussions on the hair boards about which one is better. Now that I've tried the NTM leave in, I have to give my own opinion on the two. I'll be doing this review based on application to dry hair, not wet.
The HE LTR is more creamy than the NTM leave in and it leaves my hair silky and smooth. The NTM has a nice texture too but the consistency is lighter and it takes a little more to do the job of moisturizing the hair. After moisturizing my hair at night with the HE LTR, the next morning, my hair is very soft and feels smooth. It leaves the hair straighter than the NTM. With the NTM, my hair is a little bit frizzy the next morning. Now, I've used the HE LTR on flat ironed hair and it doesn't revert the texture at all. I haven't used NTM on flat ironed hair so I can't tell you whether it reverts the texture... But it doesn't leave the hair straighter than it was before, like the HE LTR does. Now, they both smell great and I don't think the smell of either of them is better than the other. If I had to choose between the two of these leave ins, I would repurchase the HE LTR over and over. But I think I love both of them and will repurchase both over and over :-) If you've tried both of these products, please let me know which one YOU like more.


  1. I think I may try the neutrogena. I do like the HE because its not greasy and it smells good too!

  2. Well to answer one of your questions,the NTM does not revert flat iron hair. It actually states that it blocks humidity. If you use a serum when flat ironing your hair(especially on the ends), the NTM will not revert hair. I do not even seal with my sweet almond oil too much anymore when I use NTM. Now mind you, I only use a dime size amount on two sections of my hair every night. That was I use for a week straight before washing and my hair stays straight. :-)