Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Caring For My Braids so far

When I first got my braids put in, the next day, they were itching like crazy! I mean, this insane itch! I wasn't sure why they were itching so badly, so I ended up just washing them about 5 days later. I was going t wait a week but the itch was unbearable. When I washed them, the itch was relieved until the next day when the itch came back full force. So I went on the hair care forums I frequent and found out the reason why I was having this problem. Before the hair used for the braids was added, it should've been rinsed with an ACV solution to rid it of the chemicals. This was not done... So I was very disappointed to find this out because I spent a lot of money to get my hair done and I didn't want to have to take my braids out. I was also getting red areas on my scalp. So what did I do to remedy the situation? I got in the shower and sprayed an ACV solution all over my hair and scalp, let it sit and rinsed. Then I did it again and agai, and again... about 5 or 6 times. Then I shampooed my scalp with a mix of Dr. Bronner's Castile soap, olive oil and water. I waited 'til the next day to determine if the ACV rinses helped and the itchies are gone! Well, not completely but I think the little itch I do have now is somewhat normal, being that my sclap is not used to so much tension from these braids... So the plan now is to wash with the Dr. Bronner's shampoo mix every other week and cowash with a mix of VO5 Moisture milks conditioner and olive oil on the weeks I don't shampoo. I've also been moisturizing my braids each night with Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 OR Silken Child moisturizing creme, then sealing with coconut oil. I also oil my scalp with JBCO every other day. I'm still planning on keeping the braids in for 2 months and after I take them out, I'll have to start paying attention to my real hair and dealing with 2 textures as I transition :-)

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