Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Decision to Transition

So a lot of you who are on Hairlista and/or subscribe to me on YouTube already know this but... I am transitioning back to my natural hair texture now!! I currently have box braids in and when I was getting them in, the braider noticed some short pieces in the back of my head that i hadn't noticed myself. Immediately, I knew it was breakage from the relaxer chemicals. I had been thinking for a couple months prior to this, about going natural but not seriously and not really wanting to. But at the moment I realized that the health of my hair was being compromised from the use of the relaxer, I started to seriously contemplate going back to my roots. Just a few days later, I officially decided to transition and I am so excited and very content with my decision. This marks a new chapter in my Hair Journey. I have found so many fellow Hairlista and KISS sisters out there who are also in the throes of a transition and I'm so thankful that I have the support I need that I wouldn't have at all if I weren't a part of such great online 'hair communities'... I've also seen many, many women online who have done a BC (Big Chop) and most of them wear it very well. But as for myself, I will not be doing a BC at all. So I'll be a long term transitioner because I just don't want to give up my length. I look horrible with short hair!... So I'm looking forward to not only being natural, but to actually going through the journey of the transition :-)

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  1. Welcome to the world of is an absolutely amazing journey! I wish you all the best!!!