Thursday, September 30, 2010

Upcoming Purchases

Well, well, well... My hair product stash is actually running out. Since going natural, I have thrown away a few products. I also gave some away to my sister. Just products that don't really work on my natural hair. My curls don't like the Organic Root Stimulator products anymore, so I'm moving on from those... and various others. So I'm going to order some stuff from Curl Mart. I'm gonna get some Darcy's Botanicals there, some Oyin Handmade heree... and so on. I'll also be purchasing the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner I've heard good things about from like, everyone. I'm also going to try out the Komaza Care line. I'm still going to stick with my Dr. Bronner's mixture for a shampoo, so I'm not going to get a new cleanser. I'll also still be using drug store cowash conditioners. But I might try Oyin Handmade's Honey Hemp conditioner. We'll see what's in my cart once I get to the online checkout. Hopefully I'll get everything I need (and want;-) without breaking the bank. I'll be back to show y'all what I got! :-)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Aloe Vera Juice & Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

There are two products that I have incorporated into my regimen. Aloe Vera juice and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The AVJ, I have not used before and the EVCO, I have.
How I'll be using my AVJ: I will be using this product as a leave in after I wash my hair. I'm keeping it in a spray bottle and spritzing it in my hair before my leave in conditioner. Also, I will be mixing this with Dr. Bronner's Castile soap as a shampoo. I've only used the AVJ in my hair once so far as a leave in and it left my hair feeling very soft after I air dried.
How I'll be using my EVCO: Once a week, I will prepoo overnight with this, before I shampoo my hair on Saturdays. I'll also use this product as a sealing agent after I moisturize my hair. I'm keeping it in a color applicator bottle. The EVCO helps to strengthen the hair, preventing protein loss.