Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Chocolate Hair Treatment

OK, so I haven't shopped at Curl Mart yet and I don't know when I will. But I did get one product from Komaza Care. The Coconut Curl Hair Lotion. The product didn't work so well on my dry hair but it's pretty good on damp hair. I did a full review on my YouTube channel... Then today I did a new treatment that I never tried before. I found a blog on Hairlista with a couple of Chocolate hair treatment recipes and I just had to try one! I really wanted to order a chocolate deep conditioner from Anita Grant but her products are just so expensive. So the one recipe I tried contains: Organic dark chocolate, plain yogurt and honey. When I mixed it up, it was more runny than I thought it would be but when I applied it to me hair, it felt creamy going on. So I applied it and put a plastic cap on, then left the mix on for 30 minutes. I would have left it on for an hour but it started to run down my neck and face. When I did rinse it out, my hair felt like it needed more than rinsing so I cowashed it out with VO5 Moisture Milks conditioner and my hair came out so very soft! I love this treatment and I'm so glad I tried it :-)

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