Saturday, December 25, 2010

6 Months post Big Chop

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope everyone is having a good, fun time :-) I just wanted to stop and let you all know that today marks six months since I big chopped. My hair is doing well. Growing nicely :-) So what's going on with it? My hair has been more dry than usual and I have decided to change my regimen for the winter. I will now be shampooing every two weeks and on the weeks when I don't use shampoo, I'll cowash. So I'm only doing one wash day per week now and I'll be deep conditioning after each wash. In between washes I will be moisturizing and sealing daily... Now what plans and goals do I have for the upcoming year? Starting January first, I will begin a castor oil challenge, applying castor oil to my scalp and massaging it in two times a week. This will be a 4 month long challenge, ending May first. I want to see some major growth and thickness this year! I will also be wearing wigs for the rest of the winter to protect my hair from the dry air. Another thing I want to start doing to my hair is henna treatments. I've been putting off buying the henna for a long time, so I'm going to order it online come January. With all the pampering I have planned for my hair in 2011, I just might reach APL before 2012! This isn't a goal I have set in stone, it's just tentative. So of course, I will be updating as my hair goes through what it goes through... And here are some pics for you :-)


  1. I have the exact hair texture as you and I'm going to do the BC this Saturday ! I'm excited but I'm also in high school so people will probably have something to say! wish me luck

  2. Oh cool! That's awesome :D Yeah, people will definitely have their opinions on YOUR hair but remember it is YOUR hair. Try not to take any negative comments you may get to heart and own your new look! ... Don't worry, be happy :-)