Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Changes to Improve My Regimen

For a while, my hair care situation had hit a plateau. I was bored with my hair and didn't know what to do with it. Well, lately I have been doing more research. Browsing different hair care blogs and watching new YouTube videos. I have been inspired! So I decided to make changes to my regimen that hopefully, will improve my hair's health and bring out its potential.
#1 Change: Diluting my shampoo - Traycee from KISS does this and I love her hair so I went on CurlyNikki to hear from some natural haired ladies, their thoughts on this method. Turns out, this method is one that Chicoro uses for her hair. Now I had heard of Chicoro but didn't know much about her, so I went and looked at her Fotki. She's a hair care legend and a big inspiration. I am now implementing this method into my regimen. I bought some Elasta QP Creme conditioning shampoo not too long ago so I'll use this as the base. Mixed with that, will be water and EVOO. I don't know just what measurements I'll use but Ill just eyeball it.
#2 Change: Oiling my scalp w/ massages - I really want to maximize my growth this year so I decided to try castor oil mixed with peppermint oil and I will be massaging this into my scalp every other day. Castor oil is great for promoting thickness and peppermint oil's tingling is supposed to promote scalp stimulation, along with the massages.
#3 Change: Peppermint oil in my Deep Conditioners - This is just another regular dose of peppermint oil when I DC every week to stimulate my hair's growth.
Other changes: I've already talked about the switch to natural products I'm making as well as trying henna. I've ordered the henna and if it gets here in time, I'll be doing the treatment this weekend. I have a good feeling about this, that I'll make it a regular part of my regimen. But I'll let you all know how that turns out!
If any of you have tried any of these changes I'm making to my regimen, do share! Also, share any other changes you've made that have had benefit to your hair.


  1. I know I have to change up somethings for my hair. I like your changes

  2. @ Ronesha: yeah, I'm excited! They say if it aint broke, don't fix it but I think that most things CAN be improved!