Monday, January 24, 2011

Hair Wish List

I have a lot of products on my wish list and some of them I will be buying soon. I'm not going to buy anymore shampoo though. I'm not really fond of most shampoos and I already have some that I need to use up. As far as conditioners go, there are a few I want to buy. I've run out of deep conditioner, so I need to stock up. I also want some rinse out conditioner. I have some VO5 left but since I'm going the natural route now, I want to find some good natural cowash conditioners that I'll love. OK, so moisturizers! I still haven't found a staple! I really like Zipporah Beauty Delight My Hair moisturizer but I don't consider it a staple. I'm beginning to think that I just like to have a variety of moisturizers and that's why I don't have a staple yet. That's how I am with conditioner. I just like to have two or three on hand. Now stylers... They really aren't a necessity for me and I don't typically use them. I may get one that doubles as a moisturizer but other than that, I won't buy them. I don't really style my hair, unless you consider a wash and go a style. Lastly, I'll talk about powders. On my wish list, you'll see a few because I want to get more into mixing and adding herbal powders to my conditioners and other treatments. So here's my list:

Conditioners -
Oyin Honey Hemp
Hairveda Moist condition 24/7
Jessicurl Weekly Deep treatment
Aubrey Organics White Camellia Smoothing conditioner

Moisturizers & Leave ins -
Donna Marie Super Buttercream
Donna Marie Cocoa Hemp Hair Milk
Curl Junkie Hibiscus and Banana Honey Butta

Stylers -
Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Curl cream
Donna Marie Dream Curling Creme

Powders -
marshmallow root powder
hibiscus powder

So that's my list! And it's not even everything LOL! I just wanted to give an idea of most of the things I want to get and what's at the top of my list.

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