Saturday, January 8, 2011

My First Bentonite Clay Experience

I have seen a lot of YouTube videos about bentonite clay and most of the results I've seen have been good. So I got curious and decided to see what this clay would do for my hair. First, I did an overnight prepoo with coconut oil and ORS Replenishing Conditioner. When I got up in the morning, I rinsed out the prepoo and towel dried. After getting dressed, I mixed about four tablespoons of the clay with enough warm water to make a muddy paste. Then I just plopped the clay on my head, making sure to get it on my scalp and all throughout my hair. I didn't time myself but I left the clay in my hair for about a half hour. Before I rinsed it out, I noticed a nice cool feeling on my scalp. I let the clay dry about 50%. Rinsing it out was pretty easy and I just cowashed afterwards. OK, so I thought it was going to leave my hair super dry, right? Well, it wasn't dry at all! After I cowashed, I didn't deep condition because I wanted to feel the full effects of the treatment by itself. But I did apply the KmmayTube leave in... And my hair feels great! My curls are soft, defined and bouncy. Also, one problem I've been having after I wash my hair is majorly itchy scalp. After the bentonite treatment, I didn't have this problem at all. So I am going to incorporate this treatment into my regimen as a once a month clarifier. I really, really liked it!


  1. Just might have to try this product out!

    Stay Aunaturale :)

  2. I have tried Bentonite Clay for my face and hair. I had mixed reviews for my hair but loved it as a mask for my face. Compared to a Henna treatment it is less messy. When I did the treatment I knew it would loosen my curl pattern but it seemed that my hair never went back to normal. Well of course eventually it did after about a week or so!

  3. @ Jocelin Thomas: hours after the treatment I noticed curl loosening as well. and it wasn't as messy as i thought it would be either... i will also be doing a henna treatment soon! can't wait :-)