Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Henna Results

My hair is red y'all! I'm excited about the results of my first henna treatment. OK, let me tell you. In my last post, I already went over the steps of the treatment, so if you haven't already read it, go check it out :-) In that post, I said something about the process not being messy. Now the application wasn't messy for me because my hair is short and all I had to do was plop it on there. No sectioning or anything fancy. I even slept in it without any of the henna getting on my clothes or on the bed. But Saturday morning when I went to rinse it out, I filled up a bucket I have to dunk my head so I could loosen up most of the henna before I got in the shower. So here comes the messy part: After I was done loosening up the henna, the water in the bucket looked really muddy so I didn't wanna dump it in the tub. My idea was to dump the water in the toilet instead. When I went to dump the water, some of it got on the floor! I started to freak out, but I had to act fast 'cause there was a white rug on the floor. So I grabbed a towel and wiped up the dirty water before it could get too the white rug. So that was a mess and I had to end up cleaning the floor and everything but the results are so worth it!
After rinsing the henna out, I cowashed twice with VO5 Moisture Milks conditioner. Then I deep conditioned for 4 hours. The DC I used was Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose moisturizing conditioner mixed with honey and EVOO. I would've left it in longer than the 4 hours I did but I had to go somewhere. Once I rinsed it out, my hair was so very soft. My curls were poppin' too... After rinsing my DC and towel drying, I applied my KimmayTube leave in mix and some Zipporah Beauty Shea Avocado Hair Pomade. I air dried and just let my curls do what they do :-) So here are the results! Let me know what you think!


  1. Yeah - you really did get a great result. Nice blog and channel :o)

  2. Your hair looks great! You're very pretty, btw. i tried henna once and loved the results. It's just so messy. I'll still do it again though.

  3. Your hair looks fabulous, and youre so pretty