Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm feeling good!

I wanted to share my new anthem with you all and how I came across it. Nina Simone: Feeling Good. I was talking to a friend about music and he said he would like to hear me sing something by Nina Simone. I told him that yes, I had heard of Nina Simone but had never heard her music. Well, it turns out, I have heard Nina Simone lol. In the new Weight Watchers commercial with Jennifer Hudson, she sings this song and I had no idea who the song was by! Lame, I know... Anyway, I looked up the song on YouTube and had to listen to it over and over. The second time I heard it, it started to settle into my spirit and I realized that hey! This is how I'm feeling! So I went to download this song and ended up downloading Nina Simone's whole discography. I'm at a big point of change in my life and in my heart, I have things that are changing and I feel free, like I have some of myself back that was just sitting there for so long. A lively, joyful part of me is coming back that was dormant. :-)


  1. Hey love I'm so feeling your vibe and outlook on life. i wish we lived in the same area I need someone with that mentality around me :) Love the blog!

  2. @honeyk1020 hey, thanks for the sweet comment. i appreciate the love!!