Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quick Update

Hello :-)
I hope all who read this are well! I'm doing fine, myself. A lot has changed in my life and in my heart since I last posted. I know I don't update here very often and it surprises me when I get a new reader. It sort of reminds me that I need to update! Thanks to all of you who are still keeping up with my Journey! Nothing much out of the normal has been going on with my hair but I'll catch you up on what has. I did do another bentonite clay treatment and I really like the way my hair felt afterwards. I think I remember now that I did say I'd record that for you all and post it on YouTube but I've been neglecting my channel too :-( I've really got to get back on the ball! I'll try to remember next time... Last weekend I did another henna treatment. I left it in for less time than I did before though. About 8 hours, compared to the 12 hours when I did my first henna treatment. It still came out nice though... As for using all natural products and nothing else, I have let go of that vow, if you will. I think there are just too many products out there on the market that my hair does like and they aren't natural. I don't want to swear off a product that my hair responds well to just because it's got a few "bad" ingredients... Well, my hair is growing nicely and in a couple of days (2/25/11) I will be 8 months natural! I've noticed a bit more shedding than before and I want to do something about it. I'm not sure what I will do but it could be 'cause I only really detangle once a week on wash days. I think I want to add another wash day mid week soon but I'll wait 'til the weather warms up. Spring is not too far away :-)

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