Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rediscovery of Soft Hair w/ Zipporah Beauty

So I just received some Zipporah Beauty products from the owner, Nakeisha. Love her! :-) Well, I had to write a blog because O-M-G I am loving my hair right now! Two of the products she sent me I had already used before and liked a lot but now I am in love... And after one use lol. When it comes to my hair, I'm an instant gratification person. Especially when it comes to moisturizers. The products in particular, that I'm raving about right now are the Vanilla Mint moisturizing hair serum and the Green Tea hair and body butter. Together, they are the moisture booster combo.
So today I was going about my business and I happened to reach up and touch my hair. Then I realized that it was just sooo dry and tangled. By the way, I've been getting single strand knots lately :-( Boo! After feeling my hair, I immediately went into my bathroom, straight to my Zipporah Beauty products. First, I grabbed the Vanilla Mint moisturizing hair serum and sectioned my hair into four parts. I added a little of the product to each part, and my hair was so soft and instantly detangled. Then I went for the Green Tea hair and body butter to seal in that moisture. My hair hasn't felt this SOFT in over a month.
The other product that Nakeisha sent me is the Moisturizing Hair treatment. I haven't used it yet but it looks and smells yummy just like everything she makes :-) I'll do a review on that product after I use it. Either here on my blog or on my YouTube channel ( )
Here's the link to the Zipporah Beauty website:

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