Monday, October 10, 2011

A New Start In A Very Familiar Place

Hey y'all!
So I'm going to get right to the point and tell you that I broke up with my boyfriend about a week ago :-( Yeah, I was the one who called it off but I'm still sad about it. I know that it will take a while for me to get over the situation. Though I am already feeling a bit better, thinking about him still makes me cry at times.
I had moved down to South Florida to be with him and spent four months before deciding that I was going to move back to upstate New York to stay with my family until I figure out where I want to be.
So I just got my learner's permit and am learning how to drive (yes, I am 26! years old and have never had a driver's license). Tomorrow, I will be out looking for a job. And soon, I will be checking out the local community college to sign up for classes. I just want to be independent and start to make myself happy before I expect a man to make me happy ya know?
So I'm single and alone BUT now I have all of my time to focus on what I need and what I want out of life for my SELF. Besides getting my life together and becoming more independent, I think my hair will do better too. I was taking care of my hair before, with just the basics, but now I will be doing the most. Some things I just didn't want to do to my hair when I was living with my now ex because I wanted my hair to be touchable.
For example, the Green House Effect method. I did not want to do that to my hair at all because I didn't want my hair to be greasy. Now, I'm doing it 2X a week, overnight. Also, protective styles. I didn't want to do them because I wanted my hair to look cute and flirty. I'm also going to buy a wig come November and keep my hair hidden a lot of the time.
Breakups suck!!! but at least I can say that I have learned something and grown from the relationship that I was in. I'm looking forward to a better future and I don't want to make the same mistakes again. <3

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  1. Kudos to you on your newly found independence! It's a journey just like with your hair. ;)