Sunday, January 8, 2012

1st Use of my Homemade Herbal Tea Rinse

Hey, so I used the herbal tea rinse I made with the ACV and I had a good first impression of it. First, I deep conditioned overnight and shampooed with an herbal shampoo bar. Then I distributed some Aussie Moist conditioner through my hair. After rinsing that out, I poured the tea rinse (which I diluted with water) onto my hair and massaged it into my scalp. After letting it sit for about 2 minutes, i rinsed that out and towel dried. Then I applied my leave in conditioner and oil mix, put my scarf on and let my hair air dry. The rinse didn't make my hair hard at all, like I thought it might. Once my hair dried, I noticed more shine than usual and my curls looked defined. I will be using this again!
Note: Lately, my ends have been more dry than usual, so that's a problem I'm working on by baggying once a week. I also have raw shea butter now so after I m&s, I'll be applying that to the tips of my hair to lock in even more moisture.

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