Friday, January 9, 2015

Mommy To A 2 Year Old!

This is the little one that takes all my time :-)
I love him! Doing all I do for him is why my hair has been the last thing on my mind lol. Being mommy to my son is so worth it. He's one of my biggest blessings in life. Let me tell you a little about my son. He's very happy, which is awesome. He's always smiling or laughing... Unless he's upset about something. Which would usually be because he doesn't get a toy he wants or get what he wants to eat. His favorite show is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and he loves toy cars. He's very sociable, and loves to play with other kids. So I guess he's a normal, healthy 2 year old boy. But of course, to me, he's special :-) It's awesome seeing him grow up so quickly but also, like oh my goodness, where'd the time go, what's happening to my baby! ... And the tantrums! Sometimes they come out of nowhere and I'm not sure why he just fell out on the floor kicking. He usually likes to have a tantrum in public when people are looking. Which I've pretty much gotten used to now. OK, and his appetite. He'll eat pretty much anything, but doesn't like carrots. LOL. One time, I made mashed potatoes to hide the carrots in them and he pushed them away SMH. 
So, one question... Any of you mommies out there put your hair journeys on hold when you gave birth?


  1. It's all good. Enjoy these sweet moments as they wil quickly fly by! :o)

  2. This is great! I just wrote a post about my daughter turning 1 :) The days go by SOOOO fast! Thanks for sharing! My daughter will also eat virtually anything, lol.
    Lindi @

    1. I know they do fly! I love how he's starting to say new words though :-) Thanks for sharing!