Monday, February 2, 2015

From Single To Mom

Things that were most important when I was single: My Hair!
                                                                                     Having fun
                                                                                     Finding a man
Things that are important now that I'm a Mom: God!
                                                                             My son having what he needs
                                                                             My ministry
                                                                             My son growing up around Godly people
                                                                      My son having experiences that will shape his character
                                                                       Keeping my house together

Now that I'm a Mom, most of the things on that single list are NOT important anymore. I'd say my hair and having fun are important still. Just not at the capacity they were before. Taking care of my hair is still important because it's important to still look at least decent. And having fun sometimes is important because life shouldn't be dull. Really, life needs to be balanced. And it's not always balanced! But I'm still learning. Housework, my son, my ministry duties, spending time with God, Bible studies, choir rehearsal, my marriage... It's not always easy. But I love my family and I do what I do as I'm doing it unto the Lord! - Colossians 3:23

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