Monday, April 20, 2015

Time Away!

Sooo, I went and visited my family. Away from my hubby for a week with my son. It was good. I missed my hubby, but the visit was refreshing. I know, y'all, you're like, where has she been? But I've needed some time away. I hope you understand. I hadn't seen my family back home since last year when me and my husband went up for my dad's 90th birthday last year. This time, I stayed with my mom for a week and a half. It was nice to relax in the countryside and read, and think and enjoy the company, as well as being back in my hometown. My son harassed my mom's dog the entire time. Pulled his fur, hit him, chased him around. My husband and I were thinking about getting a puppy for him, but now, we're not so sure.... What else? Well, my dad wanted to go out to Denny's, so we went and ate there. Here's a pic of my dad sitting across from me at the restaurant:

I also read a whole book while I was there! I actually hadn't read an entire book in a long time and now I want to start reading more. The book I read? The Testament by John Grisham. I liked it. I was looking for a book to read on my mom's shelves and she didn't have much of anything I was interested in, so my brother handed me that one. I enjoyed it.... I wish I had taken some pics of the sunny countryside to share here, but I didn't. It really was beautiful, though. I thank God for the trip because I barely get away. I'm glad to be back home, though. I realize just how much I have here now. Looking from the outside is such a different perspective.

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