Thursday, May 14, 2015

How I Use Coconut Oil For My Hair

I love coconut oil and just started using it again a couple of months ago. There are so many different uses for it. It's really a wonder oil! I was reading a book about it that tells the origins of it and the amazing things it does for your health when you use it to cook with or even eat it raw. It can really change your health! Coconut oil has been known to keep hearts healthy, and even reversing certain diseases! I have used it to cook with. I used it when I baked my chicken in the oven instead of vegetable or olive oil, which I usually use. Just last night, I used it in my rice lol... My daughter immediately noticed the taste of the coconut oil :-) My husband has used it in fruit salad (which I thought was going to be nasty but was really good). I haven't used it in a smoothie yet, but will try that soon!...
... But you wanted to know about my hair, huh? There are a couple of different ways I've used coconut oil in my hair. If I'm going to be shampooing it, I'll heat a little up and soak my hair in it with a plastic cap on. Leave it in for at least a half hour and wash it out! And after I wash it, I'll put in my leave in conditioner and a little coconut oil on top. Sometimes, I'll leave the coconut oil in overnight and wash it out in the morning instead of just that half hour. When I wake up and wash it out, the softness is just awesome! The brand I'm using right now is nice and creamy. The texture of coconut oil varies from brand to brand, and I like this one. It's called Tresomega Nutrition. I bought it at Sam's Club for $16.99 for 54 OZ.. You can buy it on Amazon. It's a 2 pack of 54 OZ. jars.


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