Thursday, July 14, 2016

My DIY Planner

                         I've been watching a lot of planner videos lately on YouTube. At first I thought, "It's just another trend for people to show their planners and get views, psshhh." A few people I watched spend a lot of money on planners and paper supplies, and I guess I ain't got it like that LOL. But then I went on YouTube and searched DIY planner. Now they got me :-) Here's mine:

I decided to make my own planner for the purpose of keeping track of my life with details on my schedule, appointments, notes, and lists. I personalized it simply by printing some images from Google and taping them into a cheap notebook I bought that already has a cute cover design. I didn't use sticky paper and laminate the images. I did mine very simply. But if you want to go all out with yours, here is one of the videos I watched by Vasseur Beauty on YouTube that inspired me to make my own planner.

Vasseur Beauty is really one of those planner ladies. She's the organized type who does cleaning videos and keeps things in tip top shape. Which I really admire, by the way. I'm just NOT that LOL. Wish I was, but I'm not. So keeping this planner is helping me. And the personalization makes it fun, so I actually go and look to my planner to document ideas, things I need to do and such that to help to keep my mind and life in order. Here are a couple more pages I'll share with you:

Adding the quotes not only made my planner look pretty, but it gives me inspiration for my life, so when I look at the cover and the pages, I don't feel like planning for my time to give proper attention to the areas of my life that need special tending is tedious. 
If you have a DIY planner, I'd like to see yours! Send me a link or comment below with a pic. Take care!

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